Breasts, Butts, and Other Bits: Kill Kancer

Breasts, Butts, and Other Bits: Kill Kancer

On a frigid Tuesday night, still within the grips of the polar vortex, Subtle Silk braved the biting winds of Minneapolis to attend a cause well worth the loss of digits and noses.

Hosted at MartinPatrick 3, A Night to Kill Kancer was organized by the local non-profit organization Kill Kancer. By increasing awareness through, art, culture, and music, the organization aims to take down a prolific killer – preventable cancers. Breast, Testicular, Colorectal, Oral, Skin, Prostate, and Lung cancers are part of the 8 types that can be prevented or headed off through early detection and lifestyle modification. Just take a look at Kill Kancer’s site for some startling figures related to each type of cancer.

Besides a warm atmosphere, drinks and delicious appetizers, the centerpieces of the night were limited edition works of art from Zeus Jones and Elide Holte. Available for purchase, the proceeds of the artwork went to Kill Kancer’s prevention campaigns. Each piece portrayed a form of cancer in provocative, illuminating, beautiful, and inspirational ways. By beautiful, it’s important to specify that the beauty was generated through the combination of aesthetics and the conversation the pieces generated; the conversation of prevention and stigma.

Subtle Silk is no stranger to breast cancer, with a family member who battled and survived the disease. For us, the topic of removing stigma about testing for cancer is an under-appreciated task and the art certainly helped to achieve that. With a few prints in hand, we left the event with new perspectives, acquaintances, and a contribution to a good cause. Our bodies are little ecosystems which need to be surveyed from time to time. Whether you’re a man who is a virgin to the prostate exam, or a woman who has skipped the past few years of pap smears, we hope that these pieces help evoke a call to action. Don’t be shy or ashamed, take the first step and make an appointment to visit a medical professional. Early detection can be the difference between life and death.

Thank you to MartinPatrick 3 and Kill Kancer for being such gracious and inspiring hosts! As a new company we look up to those who make community involvement a priority and we look forward to playing our part as we grow.


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  • Great blog with an important message in all too busy world. Keep up the good work. Anxiously awaiting the launch from a concientious company!

    David Ortley

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