Our Story

It was at an airport during a quick gift exchange when the idea of Subtle Silk was first started. The idea was to have a fun and subtle way to bring you and your partner together with luxury products whether it's a night out or event.

How It's Made

We are proud to be producing all our products right in the heart of New York City and using wonderful local companies ranging from prototyping, production, and dyeing.

All our laces and trims are sourced from Italy (Milano) and France (Paris) from fair-wage and ethical fabric mills. While sourcing fabrics we look for mills that are working towards more sustainable fabrics such as recycled laces, eco-friendlier yarns, and environmentally friendly processes.


Sustainability is truly an ongoing effort for us as we continue to grow and in doing so we have been working with Dr. Anupama Pasricha from St. Catherine's University in St. Paul, MN. 

Dr Anu is not only an Associate Professor and Department Chair for the Apparel Merchandising and Design Program but is also an Executive Director at ESRAP. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Anu helping us make more eco-conscious decisions and advise us on sustainability. She has become our advisor and consultant as we adapt to an ever changing market.