Monthly Model Highlight - Clare Hlis

Name: Clare Hlis

Social Media: @inkedmamajama

How long have you been modeling?  Hah, I don’t consider myself a model at all, but I happen to be the sample size for most lingerie I get sent and I love taking pictures and styling shoots.  I guess I’ve been accidentally modeling for a few years now.

 If we may ask, what do you do besides modeling?  I basically do all things lingerie.  My 9-5 is a lingerie and swimwear designer & patternmaker.  I’m also a writer and stylist for The Lingerie Journal.  If it’s lingerie, I can make it, wear it, write about it, or shoot it for you!

Favorite inspirational person?  Hmm, I have a wall of muses in my bedroom at home.  They include Frida Kahlo, Brigitte Bardot, Bond girl Ursula Andress, Harley Quinn, and Cruella DeVille.  I’m always adding muses that inspire me to create.  Probably my most inspirational person would be my mom.  She’s a total badass and an artist that can literally make anything -from weaving and dying fabric to sew clothes, to building furniture and renovating homes.

Favorite hobbies? The gym, wearing absurdly extra outfits, over the top sparkly blinged-out manicures. 

 Favorite quote? “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” -Anais Nin

If you could model for one dream brand or designer, who would that be and why?  Creepy Yeha or Vex Clothing.  I think it’s so cool they’ve brought fetish and latex lingerie into the high fashion realm by styling celebrities and singers in their gear.

What makes for a fun photoshoot?  Good music bumping and high energy and someone guiding the models & acting as their “hype man”.  I usually am that guy in our shoots.  I learned it from my boss and mentor Malia Mills, she was always jumping up and down yelling at the models “YAASSSS GIRL YOU LOOK FIRE!  SERVE UP SOME ATTITUDE!  DAAAYYUMM!’’ the whole time during a shoot.  The models end up dying laughing and always say they loved working with us.  When a model is genuinely happy or confident it shines through in the photograph.

Favorite Subtle Silk lingerie or accessory?  The Fantasia bralette & thong set.  It’s whisper-light and fits like a DREAM.  It’s seriously lighter than air, honestly, you’ll feel like you’re wearing your birthday suit and nothing else.

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