Monthly Model Highlight - Willow Wicklund

Subtle Silk Monthly Model

Name: Willow Wicklund

Social Media: @willowwicklund


How long have you been modeling? Over 10 years

If we may ask, what do you do besides modeling?   I am a mom to a 5 year old daughter. I teach a model pose workshop at Liz J model agency.

 Favorite inspirational person? I am inspired by Coco Rocha, she has taught me to embrace my diverse background through model posing and expressing emotions. 


Favorite hobbies? Painting, Sculpture, Collage Art, Reading, Writing, Hiking in Nature, and traveling.


Favorite quote? “The only thing standing in your way, is you.” -Willow Wicklund


If you could model for one dream brand or designer, who would that be and why? Alexander McQueen, I love his use of color and clothing texture how it outlines the models contours and expresses passion.


What makes for a fun photoshoot? I like to turn on loud music, my favorites are; Sofi Tukker and Keiza. I like to move my body, each shot should be a different pose. I love to go through all the different emotions and express myself through movement, dancing, and acting. Taking on different personas and using my surroundings to create a story. 


Favorite Subtle Silk lingerie or accessory? I love the bow tie. Because I am a gender fluid model I love to express myself as a woman and subtleties of a man with accessories.

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