Monthly Model Highlight - Livia Nemesany

Name: Livia Nemesany

Social Media: @livianemesany

How long have you been modeling?

Honestly, I have never dreamed about a modeling career before. One day my best friend Clare asked me to help her take some pictures for an article she was working on. It was beautiful Tuesday afternoon, end off the summer, so we grabbed Prosecco and went on my roof deck to have a quick photo shoot.  After that, I was completely hooked and now love to model. Also, a lot of opportunities came after my first fitness competition last year in December.

If we may ask, what do you do besides modeling?

I'm a bartender and personal trainer.


Favorite inspirational person?

There are a lot! I get inspired everyday by different people. Either by how to do things better or how to avoid negativity, either one I'm learning something new every day.

Favorite hobbies?

Definitely fitness, lifting weights, different kinds of sports and of course fashion. I absolutely love shopping 😊. If you want to know what is trendy you have to try on yourself first.

Favorite quote?

“Whatever you put in your mind you wanna achieve, you can achieve” - Anthony Lolli & universe

If you could model for one dream brand or designer, who would that be and why?

I have 1 sport brand and one fashion brand.

For the fitness side of me, I would love to be a model for NIKE. It’s for me the strongest brand in sport, their models are for everyone (age, size, gender) and they bring colors and fun to gym, fitness or casual day.

In regard to fashion, definitely GUCCI. I'm a huge fan of their clothes and shoes. The brand fits my personality the most with all the colors and class cool styles.


What makes for a fun photoshoot?

Music and a good team of people around is what makes a perfect atmosphere for a smooth and fun photoshoot. 

Favorite Subtle Silk lingerie or accessory?

I love the fantasia sets, they're so light, comfy, and sexy. You can wear it all day or on a date night.

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  • The universe and all the stars are yours. Go get then.

    Lou balioni

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