Monthly Model Highlight - Paul Begich

Subtle Silk Model Monthly

Name: Paul “Penthouse” Begich

Social Media: @penthousepaul

How long have you been modeling? Modeling…? I’m by no means a model. In fact, getting my picture taken is EXTREMELY uncomfortable. But in today’s social media landscape it’s a necessary evil.

 If we may ask, what do you do besides modeling? Freehouse. Fitness. And ALL THINGS live music.

Favorite inspirational person? I gain a lot of inspiration from those that occupy my conscious circle. These are people like Jason Kunz, Rene Rodriguez, Joe Grunnet, Ericka Jones, and Neil Crane. If you know them say what up from Paul!

Favorite hobbies? Going to live music! I try to make it to at least one show a week. The last show I went to was Yoke Lore at the 7th St. Entry – SO GOOD!

Favorite quote? “Paul, you’ve got a lot of potential. And do you know what potential means…? It means you haven’t done shit yet.” -Tyler Quinn, Paul’s CrossFit Coach

 If you could model for one dream brand or designer, who would that be and why? Chubbies. That would be SO MUCH FUN! Rocking some short shorts just vibing. That’d be a moment.


What makes for a fun photoshoot? Whiskey. Literally the only way I can make it through a shoot.

Favorite Subtle Silk lingerie or accessory? Hands down the pocket square. It adds the perfect amount of flair to any jacket I want to class up a bit.

*photo credit: @sassypantsphoto *

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