"New Year"

“A new year, a new me.” Cliché? Yes. Likely? For many – no. Fortunately there are a few small changes that will have a big impact on your happiness this year.

As we kick off 2019, most of us can’t avoid talk or posts about New Year’s resolutions. That probably means you’ve also heard the statistic that 80% of resolutions are doomed to fail¹. Just like many of you, the Subtle Silk team sat down to think about who we wanted to be this year and how we could help others make positive changes. Whether you’re still on the straight and narrow, or if you’ve stepped off the path, there are a few small hacks to ensure 2019 is happier year.

  1. Size Doesn’t Matter. Consistency It’s not realistic for me to be able to execute King Pigeon pose by the end of the month. However, it’s absolutely realistic to use up my remaining 3 CorePower passes by the end of the month. Setting realistic expectations will not only make goals easier to achieve but it will help to set a standard success.
  2. Connect with Community. It may seem counterproductive, but in order to help improve your overall well-being, you may need to redirect your energy towards helping others. Studies have shown that volunteering and community involvement can help negate the painful effects of depression and improve the sense of life purpose.² Whether it’s spending an hour each month volunteering at an animal shelter, or tutoring someone on your favorite subject of expertise, you have the ability to make a difference and receive invaluable health benefits in return.
  3. Find Products with Purpose. Similar to community involvement, modifying the way you interact with everyday products has the potential make 2019 more fulfilling. Next time you think about making a purchase, whether it’s food, groceries, or even clothes, ask yourself a few questions. Where does it come from? Does the company share my values? Who truly benefits from my dollar? By asking yourself these questions, you may start to become a more active and influential participant (as opposed to passive) in the often morally dodgy-world of commerce. When you purchase meat and produce from a local farmer, it’s easier to know the environment in which it was produced/raised.³ You can also benefit from knowing that your dollar is supporting local business/traditions. That’s something to feel good about.

While the tips listed above may not be new, they are often overlooked. It seems like a cool new diet, or workout goal are sexier resolutions. However, consider this list when you think about what is going to make you a happier “new you” this year. Not unlike you, Subtle Silk is always evolving. One pillar of our evolution is how we want to interact with our community – both locally and not so locally. As a clothing brand, we want to break from the mold. First, we’ve made a commitment to ourselves to feel good about the quality and origin of our materials. We also want to be a part of our community by pairing up with local businesses during the manufacturing process. Lastly, giving back is an integral part of who we are. Simply put, we’re consistent in what we want, we’re involved in the community, and we’ve chosen a greater purpose and we’re already happier.

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