Photographer Highlight - Marla Klein


Marla Klein

Social Media:

IG: @marlaolivia

When did you first get involved in photography/art?

I went to a fine arts high school and have always loved trying out every visual art medium. Photography was the one that stuck the most, so I proceeded to go to Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts for college.

How long have you been a photographer?

Professionally since 2012

Favorite inspirational person/photographer?

Flóra Borsi

Favorite hobbies?

Shooting in my photo studio, reading, modeling, going to concerts, umm… eating chocolate

Favorite quote?

“Art is risk made visible.” Arno Minkkinen

If you could photograph for one dream brand or designer, who would that be and why?

Lego! Their ad campaigns are my favorite ever.

What makes for a fun photoshoot?

I love when great collaboration happens and clients bring creative ideas, too. When I’m hired for my unique style and not just because I know how to take nice photos and when clients trust me to come up with something really cool for their brand, I feel so free and seen.


Favorite Subtle Silk lingerie or accessory?

Fantasia Lace Bralette!

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