Sparking Joy

On a cool and cleansing rainy day, I began the odyssey of Spring Cleaning. Armed with Marie Kondo in the background as my overture, I wandered through the trails of my life and searched for what “sparks joy” in my life.

Since I became a part of Subtle Silk, I’ve taken a greater interest in clothing. No surprises there. More interestingly, I’ve started to think more about the dynamic that exists after I buy something new to me – after the tag comes off, after our virgin voyage out together, and after it’s washed and put away.

I’ll be honest, my organizational skills at the office do not transfer into my apartment which my various piles can attest to. While putting things back where they belong, or optimizing space to make room for new additions is relatively easy, getting rid of things can be difficult. My collection of books is most painful to pare down but I’ve noticed after the last few spring-cleaning voyages, that my closets and dressers are the easiest to alleviate of items that don’t spark joy. Books, music, pictures all have powerful ties to my memories because I’ve curated them over time with intent. That isn’t always the case when it comes to clothes, which leads to homes bursting with items that haven’t seen natural light in years.

 Here’s a truth that I think you’ll agree with when you give it some thought - Good deals on cheap clothes fill closets, Goodwill, garbage cans and ultimately, your free time when you clean or prepare to move. One of our original goals when starting Subtle Silk was to create clothing and accessories that spark joy in people’s lives. We feel that clothes, like your food or personal possessions should be conscious choices made with intent. They should be a conduit of positive energy.

With every piece of clothing or accessory we design, we strive to be that conduit of joy. We procure the highest quality materials, work with artisanal manufacturing-partners, and take a stance on causes that mean something to us all. We have a philosophy of product usage that helps to create and sustain memories and not just take up closet space. We are so excited to share that in the very near future, so stay tuned.

Until then, be mindful and be well.

Subtle Silk

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