If you're reading this, you will (with few exceptions), undoubtedly eat something and wear some form of clothing today. For the last few years, I’ve taken a greater interest in the first of these daily necessities. In general, I want to know more. I want to know where it came from, how it was made and whether or not any questionable practices were involved. It wasn’t until recently that I started to wonder “Why shouldn’t this curiosity extend to the other daily necessity in my life?”.
A few weeks ago, we at Subtle Silk attended an event at Clothier Design in St. Paul, Minnesota that helped shed more light on a topic we were familiar with, but also admittedly ignorant of. After a tour of their facility we sat down to a panel discussion of sustainable fashion, led by local industry experts. As the conversation flowed, new perspectives and ideas trickled into our minds. As a fledgling clothing company, we knew from the beginning that sustainability was something we valued and would be a pillar of our company. That night, while we listened to these inspirational women (see below), our resolve was cemented.
As a company, we (like our customers) are evolving. We will continue to strive towards ideals and constantly ask ourselves, “What can we do better?” “Do our actions positively or negatively impact others?”. We are excited to evolve with you, and remain accountable to our mission and to you, our customer.
Anupama Pasricha 
Associate professor and Chair of the Department of Apparel, Merchandising and Design at St. Kate's University

Mindy Martell
President of Clothier Design Source
Erin Husted
Director of Operations at Hackwith Design House
Katherine Garrett
Global Sourcing Manager - Textiles 
Writer, Blogger, & Stylist at Artizan Collective